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July 23, 2017 Shoot

that four letter word that everyone hates "RAIN" held up till the trail walk was over then the RAIN came but only for a few minutes,we lucked out. we had lunch break of pizza and awards were passed out and it goes something like this. first place went to Dan with 98 points, nice shooting, second went to Charlene with 81 points, 3rd place was a tie between Ray and John John won the shoot off 80 points Ray came in 4th with 80 points,Robert took 5th with 75 points,and Scott Gordon Charlene's better half took 6th place with 71 points. i want to thank Hank for showing the newcomers Charlene her husband Scott and son Nathan the range and hope to see them again. raffle was won by Mike Mroz. the meat shoot was won by Dan taking first and John taking second. i hope all had fun and hope to see ya all again. if anyone has suggestions please let me know..............yip

Sure hopin' you guys had some fun this weekend!

Y'all come back now, y'hear!


August 27, 2017