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Clairton Sportsmen's Club


August 27, 2017 Shoot

guys sorry for the slow recap i had a ruff night but here it goes, 7 shooters showed up on a beautiful day but everything went good, if anyone had a problem please let me know. first place winner was sure shoot Ray with a score of 101 pts, second went to Robert with 96 pts, third place went to John with 80 points, fourth place was Scott with 70 points, fifth place was Scotty with 63 points,sixth place was our good friend from West Virginny Hank with 46 points even with a dry ball half way thou the course. good shooting guys , i hope all had fun, even when we served hotdogs and beans and watermellon , yummmmmm. hope i see ya all next month.................yip, OH! Scotty won the raffle, and Robert and John won the (50/50) meat shoot respectively.

Sure hopin' you guys had some fun this weekend!

Y'all come back now, y'hear!


September 24, 2017